• To generate multiplier effect of rural entrepreneurship by providing self-employment, new job opportunities, utilization of local resources and skills, raise income level, alleviate rural poverty and foster sustainable economic growth.
  • To upgrade the level of technology and embrace modern efficient technology and enhance competitiveness.
  • Production and manufacturing industries
  • Essential service industries depending on merit of the case (under-developed Dzongkhags).
  • Existing as well as new start up industries, Cooperatives and groups that have viable business proposal.
  • Applicant shall be eligible for only one time grant.
      Amount of Grant:  
  • The grant amount shall not exceed Nu. 300,000 (Ngultrum three hundred thousand only) per applicant.
  • New Startups at the Startup Center: The grant shall cover 90% of the cost of equipment/machinery or Nu.300,000 whichever is less.
  • Both Existing/New CSIs outside of Startup Center: The grant shall cover 80% of the cost of equipment/machinery or Nu.300,000 whichever is less.
    Application Criteria
  • Suitability of the business to a particular location.
  • Availability of local resources.
  • Export Potential of finished product(s).
  • Potential for import substitution
  • Required skill possessed by the applicant to operate the business
  • Employment generation
Priority Sector as per the CSI Flagship program.
  • Similar to developing and promoting production and manufacturing industries in the country, it is also necessary to develop basic service industries in places where essential services are lacking.
  • For instance, basic services such as haircutting, tailoring, photo studio, repair of electrical and electronic items, plumbing, mobile phone repair services, shoes repair services are still lacking in most of the gewogs and Dzongkhags.
  • The Essential Service Scheme (ESS) is to establish essential services in Dzongkhags/ Gewogs/ Satellite Towns through provision of support services – Seed fund in the form of machinery/equipment/tools/ skills trainings to provide the essential services.
  • Essential service industries identified by the Dzongkhag/proposed by individuals through the Dzongkhag;
  • Start-up industries in rural areas;
  • Preferences shall be given to skilled youths, TTIs graduates, groups and associations willing to establish and operate business in their own Dzongkhag.
The grant amount shall not exceed Nu. 200,000 (Ngultrum two hundred thousand only) per application.
  • To have a clear process for issuing Letter of Interest (LoI) to an applicant for leasing SRF Land either for expansion or for establishment of Cottage & Small Industries (CSI).
  • Start ups as well as existing CSIs are eligible to apply for leasing SRF Land
  Procedure for SRF Land lease application The application for SRFL shall be submitted to the Department of Cottage and Small Industry, Ministry of Economic Affairs along with the following documents:
  • A brief business proposal
  • Valid business license copy for existing CSIs
  • Layout Plan (to include factory, storage, parking, office)
  • Google Map of the proposed site
  • Start ups as well as existing CSIs are eligible to apply for leasing SRF Land
  • To assist cottage and small Industry (CSI) entrepreneurs in addressing their challenges through strengthening their capacity to evolve and adopt their own holistic approach to the development of innovation and technology
(To provide the service to our entrepreneurs in providing access to information on machinery and equipment)   About Technology Transfer and Database Center:
  • This technology transfer database serves as an online database for exchange of technology offers and requests in Bhutan.
  • The website has several features including a technology offers and requests database in Bhutan.
  Partner Profile: Asian And Pacific Centre For Transfer Of Technology (APCTT). APCTT is a Regional Institute of UNESCAP with a geographic focus of the entire Asia-Pacific region. The online database search engine is connected to selected International database centres. Over 20 public technology databases are currently searchable and  planned to link more technology databases CANADA,EUROPE, AFRICA and USA
Objective: To support the CSIs to bring in new knowledge and technical expertise, enhance its ability to improve existing products and services, develop new and innovative product (s), process (es) and service (s) that will bring about overall improvement in its performance. Limit of Innovation Voucher: The maximum value of the innovation voucher is Nu. 200,000 (two hundred thousand) only. Should the fund requirement exceed the maximum IVS amount, the balance cost must be borne by the applicant. Eligibility: All existing Cottage and Small Industries involved in the production and manufacturing of goods and service industry are eligible.
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