CSI Technology Request Database


  • To assist cottage and small Industry (CSI) entrepreneurs in addressing their challenges through strengthening their capacity to evolve and adopt their own holistic approach to the development of innovation and technology

(To provide the service to our entrepreneurs in providing access to information on machinery and equipment)

About Technology Transfer and Database Center:

  • This technology transfer database serves as an online database for exchange of technology offers and requests in Bhutan.
  • The website has several features including a technology offers and requests database in Bhutan.

Partner Profile:

Asian And Pacific Centre For Transfer Of Technology (APCTT).

APCTT is a Regional Institute of UNESCAP with a geographic focus of the entire Asia-Pacific region.

The online database search engine is connected to selected International database centres.

Over 20 public technology databases are currently searchable and  planned to link more technology databases CANADA,EUROPE, AFRICA and USA

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